Windham, New York

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Windham, New York is a town in the heart of the rolling Catskill Mountains, which is home to one of the most loved ski resorts in the area. This means it is somewhere that comes alive in the winter months, when the snow starts to fall and people flock to the slopes in the hopes of challenging themselves on the mountains near Windham, New York. Yet, there are still ample opportunities for hiking and outdoor recreation in the warmer months when you camping near Windham, NY. In fact, Windham High Peak has stretching mountain panoramas and rocky hiking trails to be explored, and The Windham Path lets you indulge in peaceful hikes across mountain meadows. Don’t forget to make the most of the numerous runs for ski Windham Mountain, which can take you high up into the air. Book your stay in Windham, New York State today!

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