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Looking forward to a great place to camp, Woodstock 2022 camping trip? Woodstock, New York is best known for the famous music festival that was held nearby in 1969. Today it is known for having a thriving art scene and a colorful group of people that make up this picturesque village and community. In the summers and on the weekends in the village of Woodstock, NY, you will find hippies playing the drums in the common lawn areas and people gathered around listening to the music. The surrounding countryside in this part of Upstate New York is absolutely stunning and boasts beautiful blooming trees and flowers in the spring, as well as stunning fall foliage in autumn. An easy weekend getaway from New York City, luxury camping Woodstock, NY is an ideal way to experience this fantastic hippie community. With a lot of beautiful examples of places to stay, find a new rental on campgrounds near Woodstock NY. Enjoy the stunning natural surroundings while glamping in Woodstock, NY, and get to know this warm and friendly community on an intimate level. Next time you are planning a getaway, consider luxury camping near Woodstock, NY. Camping in upstate New York is a great excuse to leave the city and unwind nearby!

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