Glamping near Mt. Evans, Colorado

Luxury camping near Mt. Evans, Colorado

Mount Evans is located in city of Idaho Springs and is the highest peak of the Chicago Peaks in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, reaching 14,271 feet. Glamping near Mt. Evans, Colorado will allow you to get a feel for Idaho Springs, whose main attraction is the Argo Gold Mine and Mill, which is on the National Register of Historic Places and does tours that go into the mine, through the Argo Tunnel, and out into the mill. A visit to the geothermal springs and caves for which the city is named is almost a must-do, great for easing sore muscles or simply achieving an even higher state of relaxation while on vacation. Heading back to Mount Evans, go for a sightseeing drive down the Mount Evans Scenic Byway to give your feet a break from all the hiking you’ll be doing. For glampers who love a good challenge, plan your trip around the Mt. Evans Hill Climb—a 27.4-mile bicycle race with a climbing component of 6,915 feet up the mountain. At only 31 miles west of Denver, luxury camping near Mt. Evans will allow you to discover what Colorado’s capital city is all about, too.