Virgin, Utah

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Virgin, Utah is near Zion National Park, whose wooded canyons combine the luscious pink, red and orange hues that Utah is famous for with the dense greens and blazing autumnal yellows of its woodlands. For wildlife lovers, its location at the intersection of the Colorado Plateau and the Mojave Desert gives the area great natural variety with over 280 bird species recorded in the environs as well as mammals ranging from porcupines to pumas. The numerous recreation opportunities in the surrounding mountains and deserts include hiking, rock climbing, fishing, hunting, and horseback riding. With glamping accommodations ranging from rustic yurt rentals that offer a unique off-grid experience under the starry skies of the desert night, revealing the glory of the heavens in a way you’ve never experienced before, to safari tents and a luxury villa, Virgin will make the perfect base for exploring the spectacular scenery of southern Utah.Enjoy the best campin in and near Virgin, Utah!

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