Kings County

Tucked away in the southern part of California’s Central Valley, more specifically in the San Joaquin Valley, is Kings County. This region, which is rich in agriculture, also offers a bit of a glimpse of the past, and the chance to slow down. Its largest city boasts a drive-in theater, local eateries, and agricultural and craft fairs throughout the year. Glamping in Kings County is a wonderful way to say goodbye to your busy life back home, if only for just a bit, and to appreciate something besides your constantly buzzing iPhone. Spend your days enjoying the area, visit the beautiful Kingston-Laton County Park, or take to an invigorating hiking trail. When you go luxury camping in Kings County, you can stay in a beautifully outfitted tent or a unique yurt. You can give into luxury, to the surroundings, and to total comfort. Give yourself a chance to disconnect while reconnecting with what’s really important while glamping in Kings County.