Glamping in Chattanooga, TN

Located amid crests and hills at the point where Appalachia’s Ridge and Valley region meet the rugged uplands of the Cumberland Plateau, it is no surprise the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee has inspired songs such as “Chattanooga Choo-Choo”, its own typeface “Chatype”, and the nickname “Scenic City”, as well as gaining recognition as one of the main outdoor sports hubs of the eastern USA. The city itself boasts a range of attractions from the St Elmo Historic District below Lookout Mountain, the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum, which offers visitors the chance to travel through epic mountain scenery via the historic Hiwassee train line, and a redeveloped waterfront with an aquarium and other amenities. However, for many the biggest attraction will be the chance to explore the wild nature of Appalachia with the Cumberland Trail starting just outside the city and the nearby Ocoee River famous for kayaking and rafting.