Sequatchie, Tennessee lies near the South Cumberland State Park, which allows access to the wild scenery of the rugged Cumberland Plateau on the edge of the Appalachians. The park’s hiking and biking trails pass through woodlands, rock formations, gorges, and bluffs, leading to the dramatic Foster Falls or evocatively named locations like the Savage Gulf or the Great Stone Door. One of these trails, the Fiery Gizzard Trail, named after a probably apocryphal incident involving local folk hero Davy Crockett burning his mouth while cooking a turkey, has been voted by a backpacking magazine as one of America’s greatest routes, and at only 12 miles long is relatively accessible. The nearby Prentice Cooper State Forest contains a section of the Cumberland Trail, a new route that has over 200 miles of trail currently accessible, allowing further exploration of this beautiful part of the Tennessee backcountry.