Tennessee Glamping Rentals in Smithville

Go glamping in Smithville, Tennessee and book your own Center Hill Lake cabin

Located in DeKalb County, Smithville makes a perfect base for exploring the scenic attractions of central Tennessee. It is located near to the Edgar Evins and Rock Island State Parks, both of which enclose the shores of scenic Center Hill Lake, a reservoir formed by the Caney Fork river as it flows down from the highlands of the Cumberland Plateau, and the area is a popular vacation spot as a result. Not only do the lake and its surrounds have varied fauna and flora ranging from woodpeckers to wildflowers, but the area also features waterfalls such as the Great Gorge Falls and Twin Falls, beaches, a marina with boat hire, visits to the nearby historic mines of Big Bone Cave, and hiking trails galore. Nashville, capital of country music, is not far to the west for those who wish to combine country charm with urban glamor. All of these destinations are easily found from your own Center Hill Lake cabins, and more Smithville, TN rentals. Visit Smithville, Tennessee and go glamping!

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