Collin County

Collin County is located in northeastern Texas, including part of the major city of Dallas and the third largest city in the state. The biggest city in Collin County, however, is Plano, given its name for its characteristic flat lands. Discover the beauty of Plano’s Bob Woodruff Park and Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve for 1,122 acres of greenery for biking and hiking while glamping in Collin County. The Arbor Hills Nature Preserve will also give you another 200 acres of Texan nature to explore and is a popular destination for families—an ideal spot for a picnic in the park together. Historic downtown Plano also offers much to do in terms of dining out, browsing boutiques, and even attending a yoga class while in the area. Venture off to Dallas for a day while luxury camping in Collin County to see this big city’s varied historical sites, arts and culture scene, and more. Be sure to stop at the Sixth Floor Museum, the Dallas Arts District, and at any one of a number of restaurants offering the state’s defining cuisine of barbecue and Tex-Mex.