Luxury camping in Rocha, Uruguay

Down in the southeastern corner of Uruguay, glampers will find the department of Rocha. Connected to Montevideo, the country's capital and largest city, by bus, Rocha is a smaller, yet enchanting regoin, the ideal location for a relaxing escape to a luxury beach cabana or a beachfront yurt cabin. Add up the area's temperate weather with pleasantly warm summer and mildly cool winters—not too hot, nor too cold—the miles upon miles of Atlantic coastline, and the laid-back, overall feel of Rocha, Uruguay and this bohemian paradise most certainly has the upper hand when it comes to glamping in Uruguay. Our luxury camping sites in Rocha will lead you to the town called La Pedrera, one of the most well-known in the region, where guests can go whale watching, kitesurfing, and more.