The Barossa Valley

Luxuy camping accommodations in the Barrossa Valley

Find luxuy camping accommodations in the Barrossa Valley! Barossa Valley is truly a remarkable place, with old world charms which give the area its own special character. The people, the delectable produce, world class wineries, award winning restaurants and artisan food produce are all a reason to visit this special gem in Southern Australia. Barossa Valley is notorious for producing powerful and aromatic wines, with complex yet lush blends of flavors. Specializing in many different wines, rich and dark in color made from ripe fruits, but it’s the Shiraz which deserves a special mention- internationally acclaimed and simply a treat for wine lovers. The major towns in the Barossa Valley all have distinctive personalities, largely because of their German heritage which stems back to 1842. German settlers from Prussia and Silesia migrated to this area, fleeing from religious persecution and bringing with them their wine cuttings. This Lutheran influence can be seen in the wine valleys, Gothic churches, stone cottages and local delicacies like wurst, pretzels and sauerkraut. These days, the Barossa Valley is a major tourist attraction, offering wonderful gourmet experiences, bushwalking, and hiking and a variety of golf courses and recreational opportunities. Find Barrosa Valley camping accommodations for a vacation in Australia

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Barrosa Valley camping accommodations for a vacation in Australia