Minas Gerais

Need to disconnect from the world to get in touch with nature? Choose a destination in the beautiful state of Minas Gerais and go discover Brazil at its best! Go to the famous Itatiaia National Park (the first national park in Brazil), featuring lush panoramic vistas, wildlife, waterfalls, and several hiking trails, this location is simply perfect for those craving some wild adventures — there, glampers will find the Pico das Agulhas Negras, one of the highest peaks of Minas Gerais state. In the region, there are also several other places worth a visit, such as Ouro Preto — a colonial mountainous city famous for its Baroque architecture — and Belo Horizonte, the state's capital. Whichever place you decide to spend your vacations in Minas Gerais, you can be sure to have an outstanding time; book an accommodation today with Glamping Hub for an exceptional journey!