Paraíba is a wonderful destination for beach and seafood lovers; so if that's your case, don't hesitate in booking an accommodation with Glamping Hub to spend your next vacations in this truly fantastic northeastern location in Brazil. In the state's capital, João Pessoa, glampers will have access to not only tons of beautiful beaches with warm cozy waters, like the Seixas and Intermares, but also a center full of amazing handmade items to buy, the indispensable Mercado de Artesanato Paraíbano. Around the capital, there are also several places to visit, being the most important: Campina Grande (Brazil's technological epicenter), the Coqueirinho beach, and the Barra de Camaratuba — all gorgeous areas to relax and enjoy nature at its best! Come explore Paraíba, you are not going to regret it!