Stay in a Sayward accommodation in British Columbia for your next vacation

Breathe in that fresh air and revel in the wide-open space on your trip to Sayward in British Columbia. Nestled in the verdant Sayward Valley at the mouth of the Salmon River as it meanders into Kelsey Bay, the location is pretty-much picture-perfect, and the locals are as friendly and welcoming as old friends! The verdant landscape will never fail to delight you, and the surrounding mountains will make for wonderful recreational opportunities. Hike up Mount H’Kusam, or take a picnic and enjoy the views of Mount Romeo and Mount Juliet. Stroll through White River Provincial Park and enjoy the giant Douglas fir forest, you may even spot an elk or a bear! The world’s largest yellow cedar tree is also here. Whatever your interest, Sayward is sure to meet, and exceed, expectations! Book a Sayward accommodation today and go glamping!

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