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Wanting to visit Puglia? Glamping rentals are the best way to explore in style and comfort. Let us help! Puglia, the "heel of the boot" of Italy, forms the southeasternmost part of the Mediterranean country. With the longest coastline of any Italian region, the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic and Ionian seas make for spectacular places to swim, fish, snorkel, or sail. The mainland shouldn't be forgotten, though, with two national parks boasted by the region offering miles of splendid places for hikes and walks. The capital, Bari, is full of culture and history, with this part of Italy home to some of the most famous castles in the country. Food, too, is not to be missed here, with plenty of olive groves providing for some beautiful nectar. With so much to see and do, it's important your accommodation matches how special the scenery is. So forgo the dusty old hotels near the sea and go luxury camping in Puglia! Vacations in the sun are one of a kind here with Glamping Hub. So scroll through here and book the top unique accommodation in Puglia, Italy today!

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