If you want to know why the Kiwi is so beloved in New Zealand, visit the town of Otorohanga. Dubbed NZ’s “Kiwiana town,” Otorohanga is home to a vibrant art culture dedicated to the country’s national icon. There are plenty of attractions dedicated to it, and you’ll even find outdoor activities based on the Kiwi. There is the Otorohanga Kiwi House and Native Bird Park, a cave and park home to plenty of New Zealand’s unique wildlife. There is also Kiwi Cave Rafting; the five-hour tour takes you abseiling, black water tubing through caves filled with glowworms and underground gorges illuminated in sunlight. A stay in Otorohanga is one for the books; it will provide for the heartiest memories of a culture exclusive to NZ’s North Island. Be sure to check the town out.