Collingwood Camping

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Welcome to Collingwood; based in the northwest part of South Island, Collingwood is an ecotourism hotspot thanks to it being near a major natural reserve. That reserve, Kahurangi National Park, is home to a vast range of landscapes. You’ll discover dramatic beaches backdropped by rich vegetation and hills; you’ll kayak along lush lakes that reflect the alpines that surround them; you’ll even take quick showers in the clandestine waterfalls hidden deep in the park’s forests. As such, those visiting Collingwood are in for an adventure, as the quiet town makes it easy for visitors to engage in activities like horseback riding, birdwatching, and bike riding. Well worth the visit; Collingwood is the place you’ll make many scenic memories in the outdoors. Book a stay in Collingwood camping rentals today and ensure your next getaway is truly memorable.

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