Glamping: Cusco Region

Cusco, one of the top places to visit in Peru

When traveling throughout Peru, certain locations, like Machu Pichu, top the list of to-dos for many travelers. Almost always second to Machu Pichu is Cusco, a stunning region based in the Andes Mountains. Home to cities with colonial architecture, along with its vibrant capital, Cusco, the lovely region of Cusco offers a variety of unique experiences. For one, there are many ruins based in Cusco, and you can easily hike to locations like Sacsahuaman and Qenko for hilltop views of Cusco. Take it easy, however; the region is 11,000 feet above sea level, making it ideal to enjoy slowly. That way you can visit its many restaurants and eateries, and enjoy hearty Pisco Sours. Best time to visit? Sun showers will embrace you if you visit from June to September.

Glamping in Cusco | Best cities to visit in Peru

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