Eco-Friendly Travel & Sustainable Vacations

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When you think of eco-friendly travel or sustainable vacations, you might imagine a group of people in Birkenstocks, outhouses, and a totally vegan menu. However, eco-tourism is not just something that more rustic or rural properties, but a trend that higher-level accommodations are starting to take into consideration. And it's about time, especially if we want to preserve this beautiful planet we've been given. Here we've collected some of our top eco-friendly rentals and sustainable tourist destinations, where you can travel and experience new places and cultures, but still feel good about the mark you're leaving. Plus, eco-friendly travel directly benefits the people and places you visit, supporting conservation, protecting historical and cultural sites, and even it even stimulates the local economy. From solar panels to composting, rainwater collection to eco-friendly soaps, and more, these unique vacation rentals do their part to keep our Earth green and happy.