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Nomads on the steppes of Central Asia built yurts as portable homes that were cozy and weathered the elements, but also minimalistic and easy to take apart. For thousands of years these circular, accordion-lattice wall tents have been passed on from generation to generation and now, modern-day derivations provide unique ways to camp and experience the outdoors. Today, guests can find yurt rentals all around the world, collected here, for a rustic and one-of-a-kind outdoor getaway. These beloved shelters can include everything from a fireplace, or a deck to electricity, or running water. Why stay in another boring hotel room just like every other vacation, when you can rent one of these incredible yurts? From Mt. Rainier to Southern California, Texas Hill Country to the Ozarks, or Upstate New York and New England, find exactly what you're looking for here in one of these yurt collections.

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