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The land of beautiful countryside, fine dining, and a vibrant art scene, France and all its wonders goes much deeper than its basket of freshly-baked baguettes and enchanting Eiffel Tower. France is in fact a firm vacation favorite for families and couples looking to get their scenic sunshine fix, and with these weekend glamping getaways in France, you can soak up those rays while immersing yourself in the most picturesque pool of natural beauty—oh là là. The beautiful coastal town of Saint Tropez is a delightful destination in the French Riviera and is an ideal spot for a stroll along the quayside admiring the yachts, whereas the Pyrénées National Park promises reinvigorating hikes through the plumed forests and cascading waterfalls. The capital of romance, Paris is also a popular glamping destination for those who fancy delving into a world of striking architecture and piquant museums. So whether you’re more suited to a rural cottage, a towering tree house, or an artistic tipi, there is an exciting glamping trail to be followed by everyone, and natural treasures are to be found all along the way. There's really nowhere better than Glamping Hub to book weekend getaways in France. Vacations in France are the glamping opportunity that you deserve for your time off! Whether it's a South of France vacation or a bit of sightseeing in Paris, luxury camping in Europe is the perfect idea for a summer vacation. So, what are you waiting for? Book romantic getaways to France! Trips to France await with luxury camping cabins & much, much more.

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