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Located on the West Coast, along the Pacific Ocean, California has everything from radiant beaches to famous national parks for blissful exploration. Nicknamed “The Golden State,” this vacation destination is the perfect place from which to witness blooming golden poppies in the springtime and exquisite sunsets year-round. Turning inland, California's diverse state offers mountains to ascend, deserts to explore, and alpine meadows to amble through—a nature lover’s dream vacation.

Top things to do outdoors in California

You’ll have more places to visit than days in your vacation, but with so much to do and see, you’re sure to find the perfect activity for you. California alone boasts nine national parks—more than any other state in the U.S.—as well as a plethora of state parks for those looking for some more options. Yosemite National Park, the fifth most-visited national park in the country, is home to glacier-like structures, valleys, rivers, and mountain peaks perfect for hiking, rafting, and fishing. For a different feel, there’s always Joshua Tree National Park, where two deserts meet across a vast expanse of land and unique plants and wildlife can be observed. If you’ve already hit the national parks, however, head to the surfers’ paradise that is Malibu Beach to catch the perfect wave or Santa Monica Pier for a quintessential day of fun for the whole family.

California's must-see attractions

California is known for both its natural wonders and its incredible tourist attractions, such as Disneyland or the San Francisco Bay—two of the major tourist destinations in the state. Whether for a family-friendly adventure or if you simply want to feel like a kid again, these experiences are sure to be magical no matter your age. Other must-see sites in California, which is known for its eccentric ways, can be seen at Hearst Castle—home to amazing architecture you won’t get anywhere else but here. Make sure to stop by the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco for some pop culture, too; driving across one of the most-photographed man-made structures in North America is sure to feel straight out of a movie scene.

Best time of year to visit California

For pleasant weather all year round, California is the number one choice in the U.S. With a Mediterranean climate, temperatures will allow for a heavenly summer vacation. Rarely recorded below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, even in the winter, the state’s beaches can be enjoyed no matter what season it is. A true winter getaway can be enjoyed in California, though, too, at Lake Tahoe, where you can take to the mountains to find one of the best skiing vacations in North America. The clarity of the lake’s water, coupled with the surrounding mountains, however, gives the most spectacular reflecting views that will take your breath away no matter the time of year.

Top outdoor destinations in California

The diverse natural landmarks in California give way to beautiful geological wonders, like the famous Redwood forests on the northern coast. These forests boast a plethora of scenic hiking trails, where you’ll stumble upon serene waterfalls and native wildlife as you explore in awe. The Sierra Nevada mountain range gives you distinct terrain to discover, with each vantage point wonderfully different from the next. You’ll find mountainside waterfalls, the granite Half Dome, countless glaciers, and the Yosemite Tunnel, which will give you panoramic views for miles.

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