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Why Choose a Bell Tent Rental?

A canvas bell tent is simple in structure and design and is one of the most popular tents throughout the world. It is supported by a single central pole, covered with cotton canvas. The bell tents are stabilized by guy ropes that are connected around the top of the walls and are held down by pegs around the circumference to the ground. Bell tents have multiple sizes, and they can be suited to their use or preference. 

Bell tents have become increasingly popular within the glamping industry and with a spacious interior, and room to sleep a number of people, it comes as no surprise why! They are the perfect rental for those who really want to reconnect with nature in a more traditional way, without sacrificing luxury. 

Accommodating large groups means that bell tents are ideal for those seeking a wholesome family break. Whether you’re looking to get active, explore the great outdoors or just relax in nature, there are different types of bell tents to choose from. 

With bell tents throughout the world, you can choose the perfect location to stay in these unique accommodations. Whether you’re looking to relax in California, experience the beauty of New York, or immerse yourself in nature in Idaho, there are bell tents for all with Glamping Hub. Filter your search above to find your perfect destination today!

Can you sleep in a bell tent?

Bell tents provide the perfect space to sleep while feeling close to nature. The solid structures make for a cozy and safe environment to enjoy a luxurious camping experience.

Is a bell tent warm?

Bell tents are made from durable material that help to keep everything inside warm. Some of these tents even have a fireplace, warm running water and more! You will find a comfortable night sleep when staying in these wonderful glamping accommodations.

Do bell tents have hot tubs?

Bell tents provide a truly luxurious stay, with some of these even offering hot tubs. This is the ideal way to enjoy being outdoors all while having extra comforts.


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