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Why Choose a Dome?

Have you ever slept in a geodome tent? These quirky and outstanding camping accommodations are designed to offer the highest level of comfort without having any impact on the surrounding environment. 

Geodesic dome camping is the ultimate experience, the versatility of these structures allows them to be installed in the most scenic and unlikely locations. From mountain tops to oceanfront cliffs, you can find them all over the world. Stay in a flawless stargazing dome for the perfect romantic getaway or enjoy them with the family for a trip full of fun and adventure!

Browse our collection of dome rentals to find your next unique getaway. You can filter the location to suit your needs, this way you get to stay in the best destinations across the world, all whilst experiencing a special kind of camping!

Do we have stargazing domes?

Many rental domes allow for the most incredible stargazing. The clear material sheltering you is perfect for lounging in the dome whilst staring up at the night sky. These unique types of accommodation are generally located in remote or secluded areas, meaning that the stargazing opportunities are unmatched!

Are domes warm?

If you’re worried about being warm enough when staying in a dome, you don’t need to panic! Many of these rentals have fireplaces, heaters, hot tubs plus many more luxuries. Its the perfect mix of indoor, outdoor living. You will feel immersed in nature, all whilst in the comforts of a beautiful dome

Where can I stay in a dome?

With domes all over the world, you can stay wherever you like. From the dense woodland in the UK, to the mighty mountains in Canada, these unique accommodations are everywhere. Filter your search to find your next ideal getaway today!


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