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Why Choose a Private Campground?

Looking for your next peaceful getaway? Well, you’ve come to the right place because here you can find private camping sites throughout the world. These provide the ideal location to truly relax and unwind, all while relishing in the privacy of your chosen campground. 

Whether you’re looking for family vacations with kids or romantic weekend getaways, this selection of outdoor vacations and private campgrounds offers a range of amenities and outdoor recreation for all. From cabins with hot tubs to state park camping locations, you’re guaranteed to find whatever it is you might be looking for among these pages of outdoor adventures. 

From California campgrounds to private camping in New York, Glamping Hub has handpicked these rentals so that you can find the best spot for you. While there are plenty of amazing camping spots, there are a few private glamping destinations that seem to be the most popular. Keep reading to learn about the many different nearby campgrounds and vacations you can visit for your next getaway!

The Best Time to Stay on a Private Campground

When choosing the best time to stay at a private campground, there are a few things to take into consideration. The destination, season, weather and crowds are all aspects you should bear in mind. 

To help get your planning started, we have a few recommendations to consider. In general, you can expect summer to be warmer in most places. The months of June, July and August tend to be hotter in the northern hemisphere, whereas they often rise in December, January and February in the southern hemisphere. With higher temperatures there are often more tourists, allowing for more crowds during this season. 

Winter is ideal for a private camping trip and is perfect for those seeking a festive break. With more winter sports activities available during this season, guests can enjoy an active getaway even when it's cold out! Plus, with so many beautiful rentals, you can rest here with many of the comforts you appreciate back home. 

Spring and fall are perfect for visitors seeking a quieter vacation as there are generally fewer tourists during these seasons. This makes for an excellent time to stay on a private campground while appreciating the favored tourist spots and attractions. 

Whether you choose to stay on a private campsite in spring, summer, fall or winter, our unique selection of accommodations provides an ideal base. Plus, many of these rentals are also surrounded by stunning natural landscapes, creating a relaxing getaway for all.

Where is the best place to stay on a private campground?

There are destinations across the world that have excellent private campgrounds. Choosing the best spot is a tricky task as each location has something unique to offer. However, some great countries to start include the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, plus many more. Use our search filter to narrow down your options and select the best place for you. 

Are there private campgrounds with hot tubs?

With so many amazing spots to choose from, you will find some amazing private campgrounds that also offer added amenities such as hot tubs. These provide the ideal place to truly relax and unwind while soaking up the peaceful atmosphere and stunning surroundings. 

Can I take my dog to a private campground?

If you’re looking to plan a trip with your four-legged friend you will discover a plethora of private campgrounds that are also pet-friendly. These are perfect for guests seeking a getaway with the whole family. What’s more, the location of these rentals is also in unbeatable outdoor locations, great for those staying with their dog.


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