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Why Choose an Igloo?

An igloo is a dome-shaped house, usually built of blocks of solid snow. Igloos were originally built by the Inuit, the indigenous people of the Arctic regions of Greenland, Canada, and the United States

Stay in a luxury igloo and you’ll wake up in awe as you take in the panoramic view that is sure to surround you. Despite popular belief, the inside of igloos is not that cold! Human heat quickly raises the temperature to more than 10°C. With appropriate clothing, staying in an igloo can make for an exciting adventure like no other. 

Plus, with activities like snowshoeing, skiing, snowmobiling, or even dog sledding, these rentals are great for families and couples alike seeking a jam-packed getaway.

Are igloos luxurious?

There are several amazing igloos that provide guests with a luxurious stay. These rentals are great for those hoping to get active and adventure in the great outdoors, with somewhere unique to sleep afterward. Not only do they provide you with an unmatched experience, they are also well-equipped with many home comforts.

Where can you stay in an igloo?

Igloo glamping is mainly located in the colder parts of the world. The snowy rentals need icy climates to remain intact. With this in mind, you can find igloos in Sweden, Canada, and Northern Spain. Situated in beautiful locations, these glamping types are perfect for various vacation itineraries. 

Are igloos good for families?

Due to the icy locations, these are great for a family getaway. With so many outdoor activities to try, guests can stay in a unique type of accommodation, with lots to do and see around the area. Whether you’re hoping to ski, hike, go dog-sledding, and more, you can do it all when booking an igloo getaway!


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