Luxury Camping in Portugal

Glamping is about finding a healthy balance between adventure and relaxing, depending on what you’re in the mood for. Maybe you want a vacation where all you do is sit around and read a book. Well then this collection isn’t for you! Luxury camping in Portugal promises hours and days of surfing in quiet, clear waters, which are also perfect for snorkeling or scuba diving, walks on the beach or forest and cultural visits to the many wonders Portugal has to offer. Stay in bell tents just 950 meters from the beautiful beach of Salema, a coastal village on the southwest coast of Algarve. Lagos is known as the beach and party hot spot in Portugal so whether your glamping site is near Lagos or across the country, it’s worth it to make the drive over to witness this gorgeous area where youth surf the waves during the day and take over the nightlife once the sun sets. Take a yoga class on the beach after a long, hard day of adventuring.