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Why Choose a Rustic Cabin in Upstate New York?

Upstate New York is the perfect place to enjoy a jam-packed getaway. With easy access to ski resorts, hiking trails, the bustling city, and cascading waterfalls, there is something here for all. 

Whether you’re hoping to relax in mouth-watering eateries or spend your days out and active, there are activities for all types of travelers in Upstate New York. What’s more, our rustic cabin rentals provide the ideal base to explore this beautiful part of the United States with ease.

The Best Time to Stay in a Rustic Cabin in Upstate New York

It's important to disconnect from the stresses of everyday life every once in a while and recharge in beautiful mother nature. Luckily for you, Upstate New York has tons of natural beauty to explore. 

For a grand escape away from the daily grind and the ultimate cabin getaway, glampers need to look no further than the idyllic landscape of Upstate New York. Rentals in this region range from big to small, but for a quintessential glamping experience, we recommend glampers rent a cabin after browsing through our curated collection of lodges or waterfront cabins. These have been meticulously built and furnished to give each one its character and rustic flair. 

From the majestic Finger Lakes to the sprawling Adirondack mountainscape that lines the horizon, or even the Cayuga Wine Trail, guests will find a myriad of adventures to be had during their stay. Whether you’re seeking a rustic break in the woods, a secluded mountain getaway or a peaceful trip by the water, Glamping Hub has something for all in the stunning Upstate New York.

Are rustic cabins in Upstate New York pet-friendly?

Some of the rustic cabins in Upstate New York are pet-friendly, meaning guests can visit here with their four legged friends. What's more, the outdoor adventures and activities here are ideal for those travelling with dogs, perfect for anyone looking to get out and active.

Is there wifi in rustic cabins in Upstate New York?

Many of the rustic cabins in Upstate New York also come with added amenities. These often include heating, wifi, and several other home comforts. This provides the ideal place to relax on a workstation, or somewhere to simply unwind after exploring the area.

Is there a minimum stay requirement for rustic cabins in Upstate New York?

You can use our search filter to narrow down your options and choose the days you want to visit the rustic cabins in Upstate New York. Some of these rentals require a minimum amount of days for bookings, whereas others are more flexible. This makes glamping here an excellent choice for a longer break or a shorter weekend getaway.


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