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Stargazing tents, glass cabins, yurts, and more are perfect for a few nights watching the starry night sky!

Searching for ‘stargazing near me?’ You’re in the right place! You don’t have to know about astronomy or own lots of fancy telescopes to enjoy a starry night sky. Coming from big cities, and even small towns, most of us have quickly gotten used to the light pollution that occurs each night, not even realizing how much ambient light we still have in the dead of the night, not until you get out of the cities and see the darkest skies. Stargazing is an amazing activity for all ages. There is something truly humbling and immersive in lying on the ground looking up at the stars. Stargazing is an easy activity to do anywhere where there is little light, but there are certainly some places to visit around the world that stand out as vacation spots perfect for night sky viewing. Find the ‘best places to stargaze near me’ all around the world, from Arizona to Germany, Ireland to New Zealand. Stay in a glass cabin in Iceland or find Grand Canyon lodging, Brecons Beacons holiday cottages or national park camping in New Zealand; stop searching for 'places to stargaze near me' and enjoy all the stargazing you have on offer from any one of these fantastic private retreats.

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Best places to stargaze near me: USA & Canada

In the USA and Canada, there are many tourist attractions in the major cities, like in all countries. However, one experience that will leave you truly speechless is a night spent stargazing in some of the International Dark Sky Reserves and other secluded areas. Vacation destinations perfect for stargazing all across North America range from Banff National Park to Pennsylvania’s Cherry Springs State Park stargazing. Visit California and head to one of the best places to visit in California, Death Valley National Park. The largest Dark Sky designated area, Death Valley is a fantastic place for stargazing. Check out our California cabin rentals and national park camping options for unparalleled views. Another great vacation destination for stargazing is the Headlands International Dark Sky Park in Michigan; attend events for moon eclipses or catch the annual meteor showers each January, August, and December. The shoreline along Lake Michigan makes for a great stargazing destination. Plus, there are few things better than a few nights in one of our Michigan cabins for rent. Or perhaps you’d like to attend the Grand Canyon Star Party in Arizona, each June, where the park offers nightly astronomy programs and telescope viewing. Forget about Grand Canyon hotels and book a stay in one of our unique stargazing tents nearby! All across the United States and Canada—Mayland Earth to Sky Park & Bare Dark Sky Observatory, North Carolina to Big Bend National Park in Texas, Geauga Observatory Park, Ohio to Garibaldi Provincial Park, British Columbia—find the best vacation spots and places to stay for stargazing, here!

Starry night skies in the UK & Europe

North America isn't home to the only places to go for great stargazing. Book weekend breaks and holiday accommodations all across the UK and Europe and see some truly spectacular night skies. In the Westhavelland International Dark Sky Reserve, Germany, you can see the Milky Way and sometimes the Aurora Borealis; in the Kerry International Dark Sky Reserve, Ireland you might be able to catch a glimpse of the Milky Way's closest neighbor 2.5 million light-years away, the Andromeda Galaxy; or stay overnight at the observatory in Pic du Midi International Dark Sky Reserve, France for their “Night at the Summer” and tour of the two-meter Bernard Lyot telescope—and even ski your way down the slopes the next night! Short breaks in the UK to Brecons Beacons National Park are great for stargazing; you can see Mars and Jupiter, and using a telescope you might even spot Jupiter’s moons! Find holiday homes all across the continent perfect for a few nights staring up at the starry night sky.

Stargazing holidays in Africa & New Zealand

You need clear skies to see stars, obviously, so taking weather into account is key if you’re hoping to find the best holiday destinations for stargazing. For example, in Namibia, the NamibRand Nature Reserve's location on the eastern edge of the Namib Desert has low humidity and therefore high night sky clarity. With the exceptional viewing conditions here, zodiacal light and gegenschein (faint patches of nebulous light), the Milky Way, and other planets are visible here. In New Zealand, the Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve is where you should head for the best night skies. The reserve is one of the largest and attracts tens of thousands of visitors each year to Lake Tekapo and Mount Cook. Aoraki Mackenzie is where you can find the best night sights in the southern hemisphere: Aurora Australis, the Southern Cross, and the Southern Star; and at times the Milky Way can be seen stretching across from one end of the horizon to the other!