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Majestic Utah Yurt Rental Ideal for Glamping in Zion National Park
Spacious Utah Yurt Rental Perfect for Luxury Camping near Zion National Park
Peaceful Yurt Rental on a Goat Farm for Glamping in Upstate New York
Pattersonville, New York (United States)
Beautiful Utah Yurt Rental Perfect for Glamping near Zion National Park
Luxury Eco-Friendly Yurt Rental in Wimberley for Glamping in Texas Hill Country
Peaceful Stargazing Yurt on a Glamping Site near Joshua Tree National Park, California
Gorgeous Luxury Camping Yurts in Frostburg, Maryland
Frostburg, Maryland (United States)
Enchanting Bay of Plenty Accommodation Ideal for Glamping, North Island
Rustic Yurt Accommodation for the Ultimate Glamping Getaway near Oceanside, California
Rustic Yurt Rental with Incredible Views near Zion National Park, Utah
Charming Yurt Nestled in Unaweep Canyon near Grand Junction, Colorado
Riverfront Yurt Rentals near the Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

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Yurt camping is one of glamping's strongest trends. These unique structures provide a comfortable and secluded setting for amazing outdoor adventures. While historically yurts have been traditional Mongolian living structures, yurt rentals have made their way into the vacation rentals and are taking the industry by storm! So if you're interested in trying out a yurt, we're here to help. With a large and global inventory, it's easy to find yurts nearby! From forest mountain yurts to cool yurts by the beach, these places to camp offer enough variety that it is easy for you to customize your vacation however you like. Maybe you have stayed in a yurt rental before or maybe you haven't, but keep reading to learn more about what a yurt home is, how it's built, and where you can find yurts for rent near you!

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What is a yurt? Yurt housing and its history

So, you might be wondering, ‘what is a yurt anyway?’ A yurt, or ger, is a portable, circular structure and dwelling, made of lattice wood and covered in fabric. In Central Asia, especially Mongolia, yurts have been the traditional and primary type of home for thousands of years. These structures were perfect for the Mongolians nomadic lifestyle, as they are easy to set up and take down, can house a full family, and are very well insulated. The circular shape of yurts made them particularly resistant to the windy steppe plains. So, yurts originated in Central Asia as nomadic tribes developed them for their herding lifestyle. But how did these traditional yurts evolve into the yurt camping tents that we know today? How did these Mongolian nomadic dwellings make their way into the travel industry and become luxury yurts to rent? It is thought that as the Mongol Empire expanded, under Genghis Khan and after, these yurt houses or structures also spread across the globe. Yurt housing today is still associated with the Mongolian tradition but has also become a unique type of a vacation rental, found commonly in backcountry destinations across the globe. If you’re wondering now, ‘are there yurts for rent near me,’ just do a quick search and find out! We’re sure that here among this list of big yurts, forest mountain yurts, campgrounds with yurts, and even fancy yurt rentals, you’re going to find something perfect for your next vacation! Staying in a yurt is sure to be your most unique vacation yet.

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Alright, so know that you know what is a yurt camping structure, you might be thinking, ‘are there yurts near me,’ or ‘what is yurt camping?’ The answer to both questions is simple. Yes there are yurts near you, and camping yurts are the ideal accommodation for your next vacation! Yurt camping refers to the vacation you take when you book a yurt tent and go glamping. From Denver vacation rentals or places to stay in California all the way across the ocean to the accommodation in the French countryside or all the way to Australia holidays, you will find these glamping structures ready to book. A yurt camp rental can be anything. It can be your home away from home while you explore the best hiking trails in Florida on a family vacation. It can be a luxury yurt rental where you relax for a weekend of pampering and full of rest. Your yurt vacation can be a romantic weekend getaway in Upstate New York, just for the two of you. A yurt cabin can be your accommodation for a yoga retreat in Portugal. See what we mean? The yurts for rent here are as versatile as you are and can fit any type of vacation and holiday needs. You can even find a beach yurt if you want to go beach camping in Mexico. Don’t worry about finding portable yurt rental options, we bring the yurt to you!

Go glamping in a yurt: holiday accommodations and top vacation spots

What's a yurt? Yurts make it easy to go glamping and spend time in the great outdoors. Most glamping yurt vacations have running water and heating, and all have comfortable beds with everything you would need for a relaxing night. And best of all, you can find yurt house rentals for every budget. If you are looking to book a luxury camping trip for two, our luxury yurt rentals have everything you’re hoping for. Or maybe you’re taking a hiking trip with the kids and want something more affordable, we have yurts for rent to meet all types of budgets. These holiday accommodations may not be portable any longer, but they make it easy for you to be mobile and visit new travel destinations! Discover top vacation spots in your area or further abroad and pick your favorite places to stay. Find the best yurt for rent for your next vacation in California, UK short breaks, holidays in Australia, or wherever it is you might be traveling and get ready for the glamping getaway of a lifetime. Stop wondering if there is a ‘yurt rental near me.’ Check out these yurts for camping and book your yurt lodging today!