Huelva, Spain

Luxury camping in Huelva, Spain

Huelva is often sadly overlooked in tours of Spain, but this only means that when you visit you'll be able to escape some of the crowds that can make travel in other regions a bit of a hassle. Nestled between Cádiz and Portugal, Huelva, Spain is home to a stretch of unspoiled beaches, a lovely wetlands area called Doñana (great for spotting local wildlife), and tasty local food such as the pata negra ham, great wines, and incredible seafood. Huelva is also important in world history, as the area that prepared Christopher Columbus for his trip to the Americas, and visitors can follow in his footsteps to La Rabida monastery where Columbus stayed in 1491-2 as well as several other key sites. No matter what you do, make sure to book yourself one of these charming glamping rentals so that you can have the best vacation possible. Each comes equipped with all the necessities for the perfect getaway.

Unique vacation rentals in Huelva, Spain