Castille and Leon

You’ll never have a vacation quite like this if you book one of these glamping sites in Castille and Leon, Spain! Everything from solar-heated private pools to gorgeous botanical gardens are available at these adorable rentals. Spend the day snuggling inside your exceptional cottage or exploring the majestic areas around your luxury stone villa. Though Castille and Leon might be the destination, there’s a good chance you won’t want to leave your room, especially if you’re staying at a private island with an elegant castle on site. But when you do finally decide to venture out of your unusual bubble dome, get ready for Castille and Leon to take your breath away. Though the views itself are enough to travel for, there are tons of activities for your friends and family to choose from. Whether you spend the day swimming in the Alberche River or birdwatching in the countryside, your whole party will be sure to have an awesome time.