Rías Baixas

Luxury camping in Rias Baixas, Spain : unique accommodations in Galicia

Rias Baixas is a region located on the Coast of Galicia, its name derives from the inlets or "rías" that originate in the Atlantic Ocean. Its wetlands are rich in marine species which makes it an ideal spot for fishing vacations. Rias Baixas beaches and marinas attract many tourists for the wide range of water activities and the delicious cuisine that features fresh seafood. Rias Baixas is also one of Spain's most important wine regions and where the famous Albariño wine comes from. If you are wondering where you can try some, visit Rias Baixas vineyards: Val do Salnés, Condado do Tea, and Ribeira do Ulla for a wine-tasting experience. Pontevedra and Vigo are two of the main cities, their nightlife, restaurants, and bars provide visitors with great food, wine, and entertainment. Glamping in Rias Baixas is the best way to get to know this popular region, whether you stay in a tree house or a bungalow, you will be able to explore everything the area offers. Get ready for the best getaway in Galicia!

Visit Rias Baixas vineyards and try the famous Albariño wine.

Glamping in Rias Baixas: luxury vacation rentals in Galicia