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Campgrounds in Ithaca, NY and unique luxury rentals in NYC: Get outside and go camping: Ithaca, NY adventures await!

Some people say NYC is the city that never sleeps, and perhaps that’s true. If it’s true for you, then maybe it’s time to start planning an Ithaca glamping trip outside of New York City. Glamping Ithaca, NY is ideal as it is centrally located within the state and it’s tucked into the southern shore of Cayuga Lake. Find the best Ithaca camping cabins and more camping sites here. Because the city is home to Cornell University and Ithaca College, the constant flutter of students and professors give the area a refreshing, vibrant feel. In other words, this is the perfect place for a weekend getaway from New York City, and more importantly, it’s a great place to go luxury camping in New York. Glamping in Ithaca, New York, is a chance to let go of the stress, forget the emails back home, and to really give yourself a chance to reconnect with what’s important. Try luxury camping! Ithaca, NY camping cabins and more are calling your name! The best campgrounds near Ithaca, NY are waiting to be enjoyed.

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