Lake Harmony

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Based deep in the vibrant Poconos region of Pennsylvania, Lake Harmony offers visitors pleasant experiences in its luscious outdoors. From snow sports to water sports, the region surrounding Lake Harmony allows for a range of thrilling activities in scenic landscapes. There are the hills of Carbon County, Lake Harmony, and its pristine glacial lakes, and a number of state parks to enjoy in the region. One of the coolest attractions in the region is Boulder Field. The natural landmark is home to 15,000 acres of rugged terrain, the most notable feature being the huge boulder field in the northeast portion of the park. Created 20,000 years ago, the boulder field is home to a field of sandstone and conglomerates that stretch for 1,800 feet. Start your experience in the region by glamping below. Find the best Lake Harmony rentals in this collection and book yours with Glamping Hub!

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