Glamping in the Best Places to Visit in the Midwest

Glamping in the Midwest: vacations in Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, and St. Louis

The Midwest is also known as Heartland or the heart of the country, was a territory ceded by the French to the English that had previously been inhabited by the so-called Native Americans, who until then had lived together in the area of the Great Lakes and the Great Plains. The Midwest states are Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Kansas and Indiana. Going on Midwest vacations means you can learn the history of frontier life west of the Mississippi. If you're interested in lakeside towns, especially for a couple of summer days, you'll love the Great Lake region, especially along the shores of Lake Michigan and Wisconsin. Here you will have many lakeside towns and resorts with historic main streets, art galleries and boutiques. On the other hand, if you want to live more in the Borderlands, head southwest to the Dakotas and Missouri, plenty of small towns that still have frontier culture and tradition today and are the best places to visit in the Midwest. If you are looking for something to do with your significant other, there's nothing better than these romantic getaways in the Midwest. Vacation spots include Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, and St Louis. Those looking for Midwest family vacations can visit Cuyahoga National Park, Isle Royale, Voyageurs National Park, Theodore Roosevelt National Park or the Badlands where you can find fun things to do with your kids. When it comes to places to stay, you can find unique vacation rentals that are great alternatives to the best resorts in the Midwest and go glamping! Midwest is not to be missed!

Luxury rentals & and alternatives to the best resorts in the Midwest

Things to do and places to visit in the Midwest: Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Kansas and Indiana