Where to Go Glamping in Monticello, Utah

Luxury camping getaways in Monticello Utah

Glamping in Monticello, Utah is a serene luxury camping getaway and perfect for a quiet escape. Located in San Juan County, this getaway is a treat for guests looking to get back in touch with nature. Situated just at the foot of the Abajo Mountains, also known as the Blue Mountains, this city is surrounded by glorious mountain views and plenty of scenic hiking trails. Spend your mornings waking up to the fresh air in a luxury glamping accommodation, days exploring the Colorado Plateau and nights sleeping to the sounds of the surrounding wildlife. Glampers will enjoy some of the best hikes Colorado has to offer and prime luxury camping at these glamping accommodations in Monticello, Utah. If you've ever wanted to rent a yurt, now is your chance - book today!

Glamping accommodations in Monticello, Utah - try something new and rent a yurt today!

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