Dorset, Vermont

Original hotels and accommodations in Dorset, Vermont

Be prepared to step into the smaller secluded areas of the United States. Tucked away in the farther corners of Vermont is the town of Dorset. Packed with friendly locals and unique architecture, the area is a welcome haven for those travelling through America. Nearby is Emerald Lake State Park a great place to explore, take one of the many trails to be engulfed in the areas lush green botanical wonders. Wildlife is in abundance so you are sure to spot something special. The park has activities for all, take a chance to go for a swim or get out on a bike for a relaxing ride around the lake. There are plenty of chances to catch fish from the lake so keen anglers will not miss out. If you like rural tourism or ecotourism and you're not satisfied with the hotels offered by the booking websites, you have to try glamping in Dorset, United States. Original accommodations with all the comforts of a luxury hotel to enjoy nature without sacrificing comfort, book your next rural getaway Make sure you see all you can while travelling the USA, make sure to stop by and stay in Dorset.