South Hero

Luxury camping right here in South Hero, Vermont

Located on the largest island of scenic Lake Champlain, whose waters form the border of Vermont with New York, South Hero offers the glamper a great mix of island seclusion, New England small-town charm, and glamping comfort and convenience with a variety of elegant accommodations ranging from rustic cottages to cozy cabins to suit every taste. As well as the chance to hunt for Champlain’s very own “Nessie”-style lake monster, Grand Isle provides ample opportunities for fishing, sailing, or kayaking on the lake, birding and hiking on the island itself, or simply relaxing by the beach or beside a sizzling barbecue. With historic Burlington, the state’s largest city, only 30 minutes away, it also makes a great base from which to explore the rest of the Green Mountain State. So, are you ready to try luxury camping? South Hero, Vermont is a great place to start. Find the best rental here at South Hero, VT!

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