Non-continental U.S Vacations: Glamping in Alaska and Hawaii

Unique glamping experiences in Alaska and Hawaii

There are two U.S. states that are non-continental: Alaska and Hawaii. These states are not in the American continent, and they're not bordered by any other state. However, both of them are two of the top destinations in the U.S.A. and are a hundred percent worth a visit. Visiting Hawaii is many people's dream, there are countless places to visit and things to do on the Big island. The beaches in Hawaii are stunning and offer great waves for surfers, but it is not only that what makes Hawaii so attractive, its culture, music, and food attract people from all over the world to enjoy the best Hawaii beach holidays. Alaska, on the other hand, is home to the highest peak, the largest national park, and the largest forest in the United States. There are glaciers more extensive than entire countries, humpback whales of up to 15 meters, bears weighing almost 500 kilos. Glaciers, lakes, volcanoes, mountains, forests: at the same time that its natural landscape is one of the most remote and wildest on the planet, it is easily reached by abundant flights, comfortable cruises with multiple itineraries along the coast, all of these are enough reasons to visit Alaska. Find unique accommodations for the vacations in Alaska and Hawaii here. Start planning the best getaway and go glamping in Alaska and Hawaii: Non-continental U.S. vacations with Glamping Hub!

Places to visit and things to do on the Big island: Hawaii beach holidays

Unique accommodations for the best vacations in Alaska and Hawaii