Glamping near Diamond Head

Diamond Head is a volcanic tuff cone, which is the result of consolidated ash from a volcanic eruption, on the southern tip of the island of Oahu. Oahu is the third largest island of the Hawaiian Islands, situated in the North Pacific Ocean. Glamping near Diamond Head puts you close to the eastern side of Waikiki, known for Waikiki Beach, which has a rich history, a prime location, and a lively atmosphere. Diamond Head itself is a Hawaiian landmark formed roughly 300,000 years ago and has a historic hiking trail and breathtaking coastal views. This state monument spans 475 acres, and once glampers reach the top, they’ll find a Fire Control Station, a lighthouse, and bunkers, all once used for military purposes. While luxury camping near Diamond Head, glampers should set aside roughly two hours to complete the hike. Head out in the morning, and pack a picnic lunch with you, so you can keep enjoying the view from up above while sharing a meal.