Yolo County

Northern California’s Yolo County is a beautifully rural and agricultural season, especially notable for its hand in California’s tomato industry. Glamping in Yolo County is a fantastic way to take advantage of this beautiful part of California, and to truly connect with your surroundings. By going luxury camping in Yolo County, you’ll get to choose a unique nature-based accommodation that will provide you with a beautiful location and excellent views of the surroundings while not sacrificing even an ounce of comfort. So whether you’re hoping to spend your days out on one of Yolo County’s fantastic bike trails, do some wildlife viewing at the Yolo Wildlife Area, or discover one of the area’s many beautiful ponds, glamping is the way to go. After a day of adventure, you’ll head back to your luxurious, modern accommodation for a night of stargazing, relaxation, and the kind of quiet you haven’t had in quite some while.