Glamping near Cascades Park

North Cascades National Park is located in the northwestern corner of the state of Washington near Mount Vernon. Named for the North Cascades mountain range, this national park shares the mountains with British Columbia, Canada, whose side of the mountains is called the Canadian Cascades, and the entire mountain range spans all the way from California up to Canada. A fun fact about North Cascades National Park is that it has the most glaciers of any national park in the continental U.S.—approximately 312 glaciers in all. Glamping near Cascades Park is where climbers and backpackers will be in their prime, exploring the mountains, rivers, and valleys that makes up this national beauty whose nickname is the “American Alps.” Only three hours from Seattle, it’s worth the day trip to ride the Lady of the Lake to visit the historic town of Stehekin, and sit for a class at the national park’s Environmental Learning Center. Both young and old will enjoy discovering the area’s unique ecosystem while luxury camping near Cascades Park in Washington.