Lower Normandy

Top places to visit in France available for Normandy holidays

Lower Normandy is a lovely region featuring vivid green landscapes. A place of rich history and even richer traditions, Lower Normandy is a fantastic destination for those who are looking to experience all the beauty that the French countryside has to offer. Whether you choose to visit this Lower Normandy's renowned seaside resorts, its great walking trails in the countryside, or dine on some of France’s finest cuisine, luxury camping in Lower Normandy is a unique way to experience the wonders of this charming region. Families and couples alike will find refuge along Normandy’s peaceful coastline and rolling green hills and leave the area feeling rejuvenated and reconnected with nature. Be sure to give glamping in Lower Normandy a try the next time you find yourself in this beautiful part of Western Europe. Book your Normandy holidays today and go glamping!

Lower Normandy, one of the most beautiful places in France

Lower Normandy, France: best places to visit for vacations