Find the best Manapouri accommodation for your holidays!

A quaint lakeside town surrounded by the natural beauty that is Fiordland National Park; Manapouri should be on your checklist of cool, South Island towns to visit. For outdoor buffs, there is so much to do: Travel across Lake Manapouri, via boat or kayak, and explore Doubtful Sound. Enter Fiordland’s natural reserve, where you’ll find a vast range of dramatic areas like alpine lakes, mountain ranges capped in snow, deep forests covered in fog, and ridiculous waterfalls—all natural features that serve as your playground as you indulge in thrilling outdoor activities in them, including hiking, mountain biking, climbing, and whitewater rafting. As such, if you’re looking for a quaint base to enjoy the outdoors, Manapouri is the town for you. Find the best Manapouri accommodation today!

Enjoy your time at Fiordland National Park today!