A small region smack in the middle of South Island, those staying in Otiake won’t find much aside from a quiet place to sleep. During the day, however, you’ll have easy access to scenic towns and cities, including Oamaru, which is only a 50-minute drive. The coastal town is where you’ll find a blue penguin colony, and you’ll see them casually waddling across the pretty coast. If you’re fancying a beach day, travel from Otiake to Koekohe Beach along the Otago coast. There, you’ll discover large spherical stones as big as nine feet in diameter. These boulders serve as one of the coolest attractions on South Island, so you won’t want to miss them (or the beautiful beach that caresses them). So you may not find much in Otiake, but you’ll certainly be very close to scenic areas that well exemplify South Island’s beauty.