Glamping in Cusco City

Stay in Cusco | Places to visit in Peru

A marvelous destination indeed, Cusco is one of the coolest destinations to visit in Peru. It’s the capital of Inca culture, hosting beautiful Inca temples, cobblestone streets with colonial buildings, and a range of boutique and shops with traditional merchandise. There’s much to do in and out of Cusco, including visiting Sacsayhuaman, an Incan complex famous for its stonewall formations. Then there are the ruins of Coricancha. The Incan temple’s architecture style is subject to praise, with historians deeming it awe-inspiring. Don’t forget to visit Moray’s round terrace; it still remains as one of the most mysterious locations in South America. Visit Cusco and enjoy a mix of unique city culture and a rich Incan history—you might discover a thing or two.

Cusco, Peru | Places to visit in the Andes

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