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The A Frame is a popular type of cabin built with a steep roofline that begins at the foundation, meeting at the top of the structure, forming the A shape, that the gives the A Frame it's name. Whatever you would call them, the A Frame tiny house, a Tiny A Frame cabin, it's all the same when it comes to these unique glamping structures. They serve as a perfect base for your nature-based adventure because one side of the building can be windowed, meaning that you can chill out in the warm of your own A Frame small cabin, watching the natural world unfold before your eyes. These types of structures became popular in the post World War II era as Americans found themselves with a little extra cash, coupled with the fact that the construction of these holiday homes is usually very cheap. So you know what that means - it's the perfect cheap alternative for glampers who want to spend their next vacation in a unique structure. Check out Glamping Hub's selection of the best A Frames all around the world near you and make your dream a reality! Take your pick of these unique getaways for the best vacation rentals near me! Your A Frame adventure is waiting to begin! Get the best small house rentals here for your next glamping getaway. Take a look at the list below to get started and book today to make your next vacation a special one! A Frame rentals await!

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