Best Places to Stay While Hiking John Muir Trail

Check out these handpicked accommodations that simply are the best places to stay while hiking John Muir Trail! Many people say that the John Muir Trail passes through some of the finest mountain scenery, and has some of the best lakes in the United States. Here at Glamping Hub, we understand that the adventurous glampers who love hiking, want to check out this awesome 211 mile long trail, and we want to make it incredibly easy to find accommodation perfectly close by. Discover the crystal blue lakes, towering cliffs, and the utterly unique canyons, all next door to these beautifully unique glamping accommodations. Whether guests want to stay in a yurt that is nestled close to the water with a beautiful lake view, or a rustic cabin tucked away in the woods with a private Jacuzzi, there is something everyone. Glampers will find the best places to stay while hiking John Muir Trail with these perfectly located accommodations.