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Why Stay in a Tiny House?

Let us help you find a vacation home that's one of a kind! Regardless of your location, you can rent tiny homes without having to do too much research. Browse a wide variety of luxury tiny house rentals in this collection of unique accommodations all over the world. Pick from mountain houses, mobile home rentals, or even a campervan. Whatever type of small rental you’re looking for, we have the perfect one for you. 

Each tiny house vacation rental has unbelievable outdoor access and all the comforts of home. Browse our selection and find the best cabin and glamping accommodations to suit all your needs.

What is the tiny house movement?

The tiny house movement has creatively re-imagined the space of a traditional home. Each house has a unique and singular living space, always reminding you to live with only what you need and focus on what's really necessary. This philosophy goes hand in hand with glamping, as you get back to the basics in the great outdoors with friends and family. 

If you're curious as to where you can find the best tiny home rentals, you've come to the right place! Whether it's lake houses in California, a charming spot on the Greek Isles, or a small cabin on wheels overlooking UK lakes, you're bound to fall in love with these little homes.

What size is the smallest tiny house?

Tiny houses have everything you need in a much smaller space. They are an excellent way to spent a vacation, especially if you’re looking to spend some quality time together. The smallest of these little homes is known to be 25 square feet. However, you will find multiple tiny rentals varying in size. This allows you to tailor your trip to suit your needs!

Where can you rent a tiny house?

The wonderful thing about tiny houses is that they can fit in the unlikely of places. We offer these lovely little rentals throughout the world, meaning you get to choose the ideal location for your next break. Whether you’re hoping to soak up some sun in Spain or nestle away in the UK countryside, there is a tiny house for everyone!

Do we have tiny house rentals on the beach?

The beauty of these little homes is there are many scattered throughout the world. Whether you’re seeking a tiny house by the beach, a cosy rental near a lake or perhaps a woodland hut with a hot tub, you will find them in abundance. Filter your search to find your perfect tiny home and get ready to enjoy a relaxing and unique getaway!


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